UPDATE: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King Deluxe Special Edition

November 16, 2018

This is the latest update directly from the publisher as of November 16th 2018:

As you might remember, one of our two big printers that can handle a project like SLEEPING BEAUTIES closed without warning back in June. This caused a little bit of chaos because they had several books rolling from us including SLEEPING BEAUTIES. The good news is, we were able to get the signature sheets back and our other main printer IS up to the job. They just needed to finish all of the projects we had already sent them for the summer when we thought they'd be free since the other printer was supposed to be handling SLEEPING BEAUTIES!

Now that our alternative printer has cleared their press time for a job of this size, we're pleased to report they're starting work on SLEEPING BEAUTIES. The first step is to make a dummy book, which is a blank version of the book using all of the real materials such as cover binding, interior paper stock, etc. This dummy book is created to give our slipcase and traycase marker the EXACT sizing of the real, finished book, so the case sizing can be extremely precise.

Our case makers had started work when the previous printer was rolling, but they had to stop when that printer went out of business because every press is a little different. Even though our “specs” for the project haven't changed, there is a chance this other printer's press could produce the book at just slightly different sizing. It would be a minute change, something not even noticeable to the naked eye, BUT when it comes to slipcases and traycases, that difference could be enough for the cases to be too tight to hold the books. (OR the sizing might be exactly the same! That's what we're hoping for!)

Once we have the dummy book, the case makers will do their thing and confirm if all of the work they started can be saved or if they have to start over. We'll send another email update once we have the answer to that, so you're kept in the loop!