UPDATE: Night Shift Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King

February 21, 2019

This volume is coming from another publisher but Dark Regions Press reserved a good amount of copies and have multiple customers who preordered through us. This is the latest update we have directly from the publisher on this volume:


As you might remember, Stephen King graciously allowed us to add “The Glass Floor” and “Weeds” to our editions, which have never appeared in any edition of NIGHT SHIFT anywhere in the world.

Today, we’re very pleased to report that artist Chris Odgers was able to use the additional production time to draw three more illustrations for the book.

As we mentioned in the previous update, as soon as our printer is done with their work on SLEEPING BEAUTIES, we’ll be sending them NIGHT SHIFT. We’ll have a better idea of their schedule for printing and binding the book once we reach that point, and we will send you additional updates to keep you in the loop.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support and patience!