UPDATE: Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography Book

April 10, 2018

Hey guys we apologize for the delay on the prints. Here are updates for each:

1. Vampire Baby/Parking Lot prints: we are getting the batch of these prints which Josh got done signing recently shipped to our fulfillment manager this week. The prints will reach our fulfillment manager by April 20th and 99% of all Vampire Baby and Parking Lot prints will be shipped by April 30th.

2. International Kickstarter bonus prints: unfortunately our fulfilment house cannot ship these prints overseas. After trying to work with their support on a solution for weeks, we are getting all of the prints back to our fulfillment manager so he can ship them manually. We will be messaging our backers about this issue soon and will begin shipping same time as the other prints.

3. Our fulfilment provider could not ship to some countries for copies of the book.. this applies to less than 20 remaining backers whose books will be shipped this week!

If you have not received your books or other items or have any questions, Please email us at: darkregions.help@gmail.com

Thanks guys and we will be posting another update when the prints ship later this month and greatly appreciate everyone's patience and positive feedback on the book. Be in touch again soon.