December 27, 2018

We are very happy to report that I AM THE ABYSS is in the final stages of production with our binder. Because this printer/binder is binding the paperbacks, the hardcovers and building the slipcases all under one roof, we anticipate these editions to be complete within 60 days. Giving another 30 days for the books to reach us from the binder and for prepping of the hundreds of preorders for this book, we are giving a conservative estimate of this book shipping in the first half of 2019. Like Dreams from the Witch House deluxe hardcover, I AM THE ABYSS was met with a plethora of unfortunate and unforeseen delays, but through it all we have continue working to make sure to deliver this volume in excellent form to our patient customers. Thank you all for your patience and we will be posting another update soon when the books are complete. You can download the final ebook, preorder the paperback and deluxe hardcover via the button below.