July 19, 2018

This project has been an effort for us both in pre-production and production due to the huge size of the book (nearly 500 pages) and many color pages. We are happy to report that the book is deep in production with a very high quality printer/binder who is handling everything from the paperback to the hardcover under one roof. Due to the multiple missed ETA's on this project, we cannot offer an ETA at this juncture, but can say with confidence that the production process should be completing soon. We greatly appreciate our customers sticking with us through this journey, and are working to make sure these kind of preorder delays are avoided in the future for Dark Regions Press projects. However, we are very confident that our customers will be pleased with I AM THE ABYSS and consider it one of the finest Dark Regions Press productions to date. Watch for another update soon as production wraps up on I AM THE ABYSS!