August 06, 2017

The BackerKit fulfillment survey has been sent to all Kickstarter backers to confirm shipping information and offer optional paid add-ons (if you did not receive an e-mail to the BackerKit survey click here). Printing is slated to start for the book in September with production to complete in Q4 2017. Shipping will begin in Q4 2017 to Kickstarter backers and last throughout Q1 2018. Retail preorders are expected to ship to customers by Q1 2018.

For more detailed updates make sure to check the Kickstarter updates for I AM THE ABYSS here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrismorey/i-am-the-abyss/updates

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience and watch for the public retail order on DarkRegions.com on October 10th 2017.