October 27, 2016

We have made contact with author Laird Barron and he is currently working on his novella for I AM THE ABYSS and has a goal of turning it in by December. Once this novella is received, edited and proofed, I AM THE ABYSS will be able to enter production. We now expect production to start on I AM THE ABYSS in Q1 of 2017, giving it a likely shipping date of Q2 2017.

Thank you to all customers for your patience on this epic project, one of the most ambitious productions by Dark Regions Press ever containing ten original novellas of personal afterlife fiction and ten two-page color paintings by Les Edwards.

I AM THE ABYSS Table of Contents (Order Subject to Change)

The Burning Woods by Michael Marshall Smith

Acheron by Jeffrey Thomas

The Final Stage by Reggie Oliver

Faith by John R. Little

Blacktop by William Meikle

The Bardo of Becoming by Douglas Wynne

Crimes and Ashes by Nicole Cushing

Torn by Steve Rasnic Tem

Samsara by Greg F. Gifune


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