Production Updates September 12th 2019

September 12, 2019

These are the latest production updates we have on September 12th 2019. Dark Regions Press titles are listed at the top, products from other publishers beneath. 

The Boke of the Divill by Reggie Oliver Signed Hardcover: this hardcover saw some unfortunate delays due to Edwards-Malloy closing down, then Thomson-Shore going bankrupt. It is now being printed with another printer/binder and we expect them to be done producing the books by end of October. Thus, we anticipate shipments of this title to start by end of November 2019. Thank you to everyone for your continued patience.

Dreams from the Witch House Deluxe Hardcovers: slipcase production for this title took longer than expected, but we are happy to report the books and slipcases will be ready to ship by end of September! With order prepping we anticipate shipments of Dreams from the Witch House deluxe to start in the first half of October and greatly appreciate your patience!

The Library of the Dead Deluxe Hardcovers: printing on The Library of the Dead deluxe hardcovers finally starts this month after multiple delays, we are using a new production partner who can print, bind and create the slipcases all under one roof and anticipate this deluxe to be shipping by the end of 2019. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Return of the Old Ones Deluxe Hardcovers: the signature sheets for this edition were sadly lost and we recently got a new set signed by several contributors. Now the editor is signing the sheets and once the printer has the sheets in-house production will officially begin on this title. Our sincere apologies for the repeated delays on this title and we'll be posting another update when production is underway.

Nightmare's Realm Deluxe Hardcovers: production on this deluxe hardcover will finally start in October! We anticipate this volume to ship in Q1 2020 giving time for the slipcase maker to produce the slipcases and sincerely appreciate your patience.

The Children of Gla'aki Deluxe Hardcovers: the books are complete and slipcase production is underway! We anticipate this deluxe edition to begin shipping by end of October 2019/first half of November 2019.

Discoveries: Best of Horror and Dark Fantasy Deluxe Hardcovers: sadly this was another volume where the signature sheets were lost! They are currently being circulated again and binding on this deluxe edition will begin once the binder has the newly signed tip-in sheets in-house. 

The Cal Wild Chronicles Deluxe Hardcovers: these are next in line after The Library of the Dead at the same printer/binder. We expect production to start on this title by October and for this volume to be shipping Q1 of 2020. Thank you for your patience!

I AM THE ABYSS Hardcovers: this project has been an enormous challenge and has been switched between multiple production partners. At this juncture we are working hard to get the hardcover editions shipped by the end of 2019, but slipcase production might push that into Q1 2020. We understand that this volume has been delayed multiple times and apologize to our customers for these multiple delays but are doing all we can to get these volumes completed finally and into the hands of our patient customers. 



The Big Book of Hap and Leonard: we have been informed our shipment of this title will be sent out within 30 days and we hope to begin customer shipments of the volume by late October!

Night Shift Deluxe Special Edition (CD): we have copied and pasted the latest update directly from the publisher on this title:

As you know, our schedule for the Stephen King special editions this year was completely thrown into chaos when one of our two big printers that can handle these “big" projects closed without warning back in June while they were working on SLEEPING BEAUTIES. Our other big printer was busy with their summer schedule of projects we had already started, but they've since cleared the press time needed for something on the magnitude of these Stephen King books and as of this week they've started work on SLEEPING BEAUTIES.

As soon as the printer is done with SLEEPING BEAUTIES later this year, we'll be sending them NIGHT SHIFT. We'll have a better idea of their schedule for printing and binding the book once we reach that point, and we will send additional email updates to keep you in the loop.

Since we had some unplanned additional production time, we decided to revisit an idea we had for the Table of Contents that wasn't possible when NIGHT SHIFT was first announced. Even though ALL THREE editions are completely sold out, and a lot of publishers would have called it a day, we're trying very hard to make these special editions in the Doubleday Years set truly special for our collectors, which is why we're very pleased to announce today that Stephen King has given us permission to include TWO BONUS STORIES that have never appeared in any edition of NIGHT SHIFT anywhere in the world: "The Glass Floor" and "Weeds."

Our designer will be adding this new "Bonus Section" to the book this week and we're thrilled to be including these terrific tales in our special edition of NIGHT SHIFT.