SAVE MONEY ON SHIPPING - Package Forwarding Services Based in United States!

January 13, 2020

As postage costs continue to increase for shipping packages all over the world our customers are understandably not thrilled about these cost increases (nor are we!). We have been working on multiple solutions for our customers and one of those solutions is recommending packaging forward services.

How Package Forwarding Works: you sign up for a service that gives you a USA based shipping address, your Dark Regions Press order is shipped to that USA address, then you have the service forward the package to your shipping address outside of the United States using the forwarding service's discounted shipping rates!

EXAMPLE: one such USA based package forwarding service that international customers could use is We created an estimate shipping cost for a 4lb package being shipped to the United Kingdom. As you can see at their Premium membership they offer fantastic FedEx International Economy and Priority Rates and with their Ultimate plan FedEx postage is free! (click image to see larger version)

WE RECOMMEND: (Click Here to Sign Up)

Other Options:,

We definitely recommend these services for customers who regularly place orders with United States based stores but have a shipping address outside of the United States - this could save you a lot on postage costs!