Payment Plans are Here!

November 25, 2015

Dark Regions Press customers now have a more affordable way to purchase our deluxe editions: payment plans! Many new Dark Regions Press titles that have signed hardcover editions will now offer payment plans that allow the customer to pay off the book with installments.

For example, a customer purchasing a $200 deluxe edition could choose a Four Monthly Payment plan. This plan requires 25% ($50 in this example) down immediately then another $50 every 30 days until the $200 is paid in full. Once the $200 is paid in full, the customer is shipped the product (if in stock).

Products currently offering Payment Plan options:

Clive Barker’s The Body Book

The Wide, Carnivorous Sky & Other Monstrous Geographies by John Langan Deluxe Special Edition

Richard Laymon’s Night Show Special Definitive Edition

Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand

The Plasm by William Meikle


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