New Ramsey Campbell Novella Now Available from Dark Regions Press

July 12, 2016

Now available from Dark Regions Press: new psychological horror novella The Booking from world renowned horror author Ramsey Campbell featuring five full color illustrations by Santiago Caruso. The Booking marks the third volume in the ongoing Black Labyrinth imprint edited by Chris Morey (I AM THE ABYSS) and is now available for preorder in three premium signed limited editions with instant ebook download at:

Customers who preorder a signed limited edition hardcover of The Booking will have instant access to download the ebook edition, weeks before it will be released to the public.


Kiefer is desperate for a job when he comes upon an opening at a curious bookstore in England, BOOKS ARE LIFE. He approaches the owner for a job and gets it, learning quickly that the owner is stranger than the books that he sells in the shop. As he continues to help the bookstore’s transition to the internet, he discovers oddities in the shop and has increasingly strange visions and encounters.

This bookstore is very unique, like its owner, and it will bring to Kiefer the most intense and revealing era of his life. From master storyteller Ramsey Campbell comes this brooding and frightening psychological horror novella to be published by Dark Regions Press on July 12th 2016.

Review Blurbs

“As the dread builds, the effect is dizzying, claustrophobic, and very scary. Prescribing to his own rule of ‘avoiding what’s been done to death’, The Booking shows Campbell in top form with a strange and creepy tale that lingers long after the last page is turned.” – This is Horror

“Ramsey held me throughout (The Booking) with his usual mixture of paranoia, word play, psychology, and human relationships. With books at the heart of things, I will add this to my still-growing pile of ‘favourites.'” – Dread Central

“The Booking is a novella that packs more creepy and unearthly writing into a small package than most full-length novels ever hope to achieve.” – The Horror Zine

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