End of Year Publisher's Note

December 30, 2019

2019 was a strong year for Dark Regions Press. We shipped out many titles published both by us and other publishers to our customers. The press launched exciting new titles as well like La Belle Fleur Sauvage by Caitlín R. Kiernan, Transmissions from Punktown edited by Brian M. Sammons, Survive the Night: Three at Dusk, One at Dawn and more. This year multiple Dark Regions Press titles sold out and are now only available in the secondary market with more expected to sell out soon.

Despite all of the strengths this year we certainly had our share of challenges. Running Dark Regions Press is a continual learning process and we are always working to improve everything that we can for our customers. Specifically we are taking measured steps to reduce delays on preorder products that are published by Dark Regions Press. For example: we are waiting to open preorders for Richard Laymon’s Midnight’s Lair Special Definitive Edition until printing is officially underway and this will be a more common practice on future titles. Actually, we’re working on having some new Dark Regions Press titles in-stock at time of announcement and will keep working toward this as our regular business model. We know that delays can be frustrating but please know that we’re always working to produce every single product that we publish with a high standard for quality. From Dreams from the Witch House deluxe hardcovers to The Boke of the Divill by Reggie Oliver signed limited hardcover, most of our customers have been quite pleased with the results.

In 2020 we have some very exciting new projects that we can’t wait to show you. There are also more special edition hardcovers from Dark Regions Press that will be shipping next year that customers have been waiting for and we thank everyone for your continued patience and enthusiasm.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Dark Regions Press, your support of the arts means everything and enables us to keep producing exciting new projects for the industry. We really do have some amazing customers… from the photos you’ve sent us to the kind words about our books, it all means a lot. We’ll keep working hard to produce nice special edition books so that we can keep getting those fantastic photos from our customers!

If you ever have any questions or concerns or just want to communicate with me feel free to contact me directly on Facebook or Twitter, links to both can be found on my website at chrismorey.com. Thanks again for making 2019 such a fun ride and we can’t wait to join all of you for 2020.

Cheers, Happy New Year and keep reading horror!

Chris Morey
Dark Regions Press, LLC